About Us

Our origins date back to 1947 and with history comes experience. We use this 60+ years of experience to deliver a service that truly reflects your particular needs.
Listening is a key part of our strategy to ensure that we fully understand the objectives of the project and your concerns around particular aspects of it. Once we fully understand the project we resource it with the most experienced Project Manager and team to ensure that it is executed with the minimum of fuss and in accordance with agreed timelines and budget.

We are flexible which means that we have extensive experience in commercial, public sector and residential developments. We love to take projects all the way through from inception to build and beyond with our wholly owned Facility Management Company.

Our continual investment in technology ensures that you benefit from the efficiencies gained by us and that you have access to important innovations such as Building Information Modeling.

We are fully aware that Safety is paramount to all work we engage in and we are proud of the fact that we are SafeT Certified. It will give you comfort to know that we operate a Grade A safety management system that only a few companies in Ireland comply with.