AIB Bank

Project name and location

AIB Bank, 106/108 O’Connell Street, Co. Limerick

Project details

This project consisted of the demolition of the existing offices, stud partitions, ceilings and the removal of all existing services in the main banking hall, offices and meeting rooms. All the old ATM’s counters and IDD machines (International Direct Debit) were removed. The new works involved the positioning of new stud partition offices and meeting rooms and installing new ATM’s and IDD machines and securing these partitions with ply and 3mm steel sheets to Fort Knox standards, slab and skim out and decorate. Other works included replacement of old carpets and fitting new carpets throughout an area of 600sqm, replacement of old and renew heating and ventilation system, replace old and renew lighting system throughout. This project was completed within a 12 week time period while keeping the existing bank in operation at all times. Clancy worked with the high security measures required for such a project to be successful.

The challenge

The biggest challenge here was ensuring that AIB Bank could continue running its business while we carried out the project.

Security was another challenge.

How we overcame the challenge

It was necessary to coordinate a large number of tradesmen and their equipment in a small work area while at the same time ensuring harmony and safety was maintained. Noise levels had to be kept to the minimum during the daytime and at the end of each late night shift the whole banking hall and corridors and office rooms were cleaned up and dusted and polished and ready for business as usual on the following morning. Our Regional Manager Peter Madigan met with the Bank Manager at 8.00am each morning to walk the area to satisfy AIB that all was ready for the bank to continue its business as usual. This work involved very long hours and over weekends – Saturdays and Sundays. Committed staff was the key to this project being a success.

As one might expect, AIB had very high security protocols which were followed rigorously at all times. 


This project was delivered on time and within budget.