Clonea Road Dungarvan

Works Contractor and PSCS

This project was constructed in Dungarvan town within a live residential environment area.

The construction  of  22 social houses for older persons, crèche and community building. Due to poor ground conditions, the site required ground Stabilisation, this involved the use of lime and sub soil mixed and compacted with specialized equipment, to allow for standard strip foundations. These 22 units achieved a B3 BER using the most up to date airtightness systems together with high efficiency boilers, kingspan Thermomax Solar Panels and good building practices, in addition we constructed 3 private dwellings all achieving a B1 BER, this was achieved by ensuring good building practices were carried out for all elements of work, an airtightness rating of less than 1.5, triple glazed windows and external doors, internal insulated drylining system with the use of a 97% efficiency boiler and the use of Kingspan Thermomax Solar Panels.

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