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Project Details
Clonee, Co. Meath
NWA Architects
€6.5 million

This overall project involves the design and construction of a new single story, multi-phase facility (with rooftop air handling equipment and outdoor standby diesel generators). There are three 32 MW data centres, with an administrative building connecting two of the data centres. Clancy Construction were procured to fit out the administrative Office Building with gross floor area of 6,424 m2 linking and accessing the data centre buildings with a value of €4.5 million. The overall project value is approximately € 1 Billion.

A key objective of the project was to utilise BIM tools to its fullest extent to create and maintain a 3D prototype of the facility usable for construction and operations. All detail was developed in a 3D environment that was fully compatible with Revit as outlined in the contract BEP. Clancy Construction collaborated and coordinated with all other trades and subcontractors to enable this BIM environment. Clancy Construction provided a dedicated BIM and Design Manager for the project to ensure this smooth collaborative platform.

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