Mount Melleray

Main Contractor & PSCS.

This project involved the construction of 27 en-suite rooms of which 7 are infirmary rooms with infirmarian and visiting nurse’s station; physiotherapy facilities; a private chapel, a community room, and modern servicing. The existing building was completely refurbished which included refurbishment of the existing guesthouse, 16 rooms, repair works to the roof and existing stone walls.

Mount Melleray Abbey, found outside Cappoquin, County Waterford, was the first monastery founded in Ireland following the Reformation. When the French government forced out all foreign monks at the Cistercian monastery of Melleray in Brittany, France, a group of Irish and English came to Ireland in search of land. Sir Richard Keane granted their wish, and in 1832, they established Mount Melleray Abbey. Today, the abbey continues to be a tranquil religious community.


Key challenges:

Demolition of two storey building while maintaining existing buildings both sides and the construction of a 4 storey building consisting of structural steel frame and in situ concrete with aluminium curtain wall and planar glazing finished on one elevation with a precast concrete feature wall, recycling of existing demolished building stone for use in the building of new stone walls and also recycled as aggregate for concrete walls as per design brief. The construction of a precast concrete feature screen wall incorporating structural steel sections, this was carried out by direct staff as no precast concrete company would take on this section of the project due to the intricate nature of the design.