St Peter’s Church

Project name and location

St Peter’s Presbytery Refurbishment Project


Project details

St Peter’s Presbytery refurbishment project involved the restoration, preservation and fit-out of this landmark ecclesiastical residence and offices including extensive upgrade of mechanical and electrical services. The works were carried out using best practice conservation techniques.

During the course of the works we employed specialist conservation sub-contractors for various elements of the work, including the refurbishment of the existing windows, natural slate and lead work, re-pointing of existing stonework as well as employing skilled stone masons to carefully clad the newly built extension while trying to resemble the existing stonework. All of these sub-contractors as well as our own direct men were co-ordinated successfully by our site team to ensure a quality finished product was handed over to our client.                                                                      

The challenge

This project was carried out in a live restricted inner city site.


How we overcame the challenge

Clancy’s onsite management team worked closely with the Project Design Team in a Pro-active manner.



This project was delivered on time, within budget to a very high standard finish and safely.